Month: June 2021

23 Kitchen Products On Amazon That Reviewers Truly Swear By

There are tons of great kitchen products on Amazon, from items that make it easier to cook your favorite meals to things that’ll keep it shiny and clean. We’ve rounded up some of the best items that Amazon reviewers truly swear by and we’re sure that in no time, you’ll be leaving your own rave review, too!

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House votes to remove Confederate statues from U.S. Capitol

Washington — The House on Tuesday approved legislation to remove statues of Confederate officials from the U.S. Capitol, as well as a bust of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, who wrote the Supreme Court’s infamous Dred Scott decision in 1857 that ruled Black people were not entitled to citizenship.

The legislation passed with a vote of 285 to 120, with 67 Republicans joining all Democrats voting in favor of the bill.

As Democrats now hold the majority in the upper chamber, it will likely be taken up for a vote, but whether a sufficient number of Republican senators would vote

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The Architecture of North Caucasus

The Architecture of North Caucasus

The little-known and remote area of North Caucasus is an intricate assemblage of territories, ethnicities, languages, religions, and, consequently, architectures, from Tsarist-era buildings to mosques, traditional bas-reliefs, and Soviet Modernism. The setting of controversial events and a heterogeneous cultural environment, in many ways, North Caucasus is a borderland between Europe and Asia, the former USSR and the Middle East, Christianity and Islam. Photographs by Gianluca Pardelli, Thomas Paul Mayer and Nikolai Vassiliev provide an introduction to the

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EEOC Clarifies Bathroom Segregation by Gender or Sex

Employers remember the seminal Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, Ga., where the Court held that Title VII’s “because of sex” protections extend to sexual orientation and transgender status.  (See our previous blog entry.)   Now, on the one-year anniversary of that influential case, the EEOC has issued guidance to clarify whether employers can segregate bathrooms by gender or sex.  That question was conspicuously left unresolved in Bostock.

The EEOC’s position is that employers may not bar applicants or employees from using bathrooms or locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity.

The Agency’s view is explained in

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Artificial Lighting in Interior Design

Artificial Lighting in Interior Design

Natural or artificial, lighting is one of the most important elements in architecture, directly affecting our perception of spaces. It is capable of defining volumes, enhancing colors, textures, and therefore, contributing to the overall relationship between dimension, proportion, and contrasts. One of the many challenges of architecture is to shape spaces based on light and shade, and sometimes natural light is not enough, requiring additional light sources to be installed and controlled.

 Loft Solar / Talita Nogueira Arquitetura. Image © Eduardo MacariosFast Shop Lifestyle Ibirapuera Store / Kengo Kuma & Associates. Image © Nelson KonClínica MJanson Ortodontia / Caracho Arquitetos. Image © Daniel SantoDengo Chocolates Concept Store / Matheus Farah + Manoel Maia Arquitetura. Image © Fran Parente+ 26

Since its

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Unit kitchen by Aspekt Office for Reform

Dezeen Showroom: Copenhagen-based kitchen brand Reform has launched Unit, a “kitchen-come-home office” designed by local studio Aspekt Office.

The Unit kitchen offers generous surfaces for both work and food preparation, with countertops available in compact laminate, silestone and solid wood.

Unit is available with natural oak or dark oak fronts (top images) as well as with a matt painted finish (above)

Reform describes Aspekt Office’s design as “a kitchen-come-home office with liveability, longevity and the ‘fresh and warm tech feeling’ that has come to be the young design studio’s creative hallmark”.

With the use of light and resilient materials, Unit

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House to vote to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol

WASHINGTON — The House is set to vote Tuesday on legislation to remove Confederate statues from public display in the Capitol as well as a bust of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott decision that said Black people couldn’t be citizens.

The measure passed the House in the last Congress but stalled in the GOP-controlled Senate. Last year, 72 Republicans voted with Democrats to take the statues down.

Democrats hold a razor thin majority in the Senate and would need 60 votes to advance the bill.

When the measure was reintroduced in the House earlier

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An Architect With an Eye on the Environment

This article is part of a special report on Climate Solutions, which focuses on the changing relationship between the people and the planet.

As climate change accelerates, one of the many contributing factors is the built environment — that is, the structures people have created over eons, including buildings and infrastructure like bridges and roads.

Increasingly — although perhaps not quite fast enough — people are thinking about how to do less harm and how to build more sustainably, how to help the environment rather than destroy it.

One of those people is the architect Kunle Adeyemi, who has

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How to incorporate layered lighting in your bathroom decor

Lighting can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the bathroom decor. Although the bathroom is a highly functional zone, its lighting is often overlooked and not given due attention. Note that if the lighting of the bathroom is very bright then it does not create a relaxing atmosphere and if the lighting is dim, it does not provide adequate focused illumination. Therefore it is essential to opt for a layered lighting scheme to create a well-illuminated bathroom space. 

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A guide to the minimum bedroom size for HMOs

In a bid to reduce overcrowding in rental properties, the government introduced minimum bedroom size regulations for houses in multiple occupation (HMO) in 2018.

If landlords let rooms which are too small, they could face prosecution or be hit with a fine. Read our guide to make sure your rooms are big enough for tenants and comply with the regulations.

What’s the legal definition of a bedroom in the UK?

There’s no legal definition for a bedroom in the UK. However, it’s used to describe a room where someone sleeps and you’d find furniture such as a bed.

According to

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