Month: October 2021

Evaluating technical architecture: 11 key criteria and how to apply them

Technical architecture provides a way to describe, evaluate, and plan the evolution of the information technology that IT manages and the enterprise relies on.

The previous installment of this series on building effective IT provided a framework for describing technical architecture, breaking it down into portfolios and sub-portfolios, including applications (systems of record, integration, and satellite apps), data (both structured and unstructured), and technology (facilities, infrastructure, and platforms).

This framework enables you to identify and categorize what you have. So far so good.

But it doesn’t tell you whether what you have is what you ought to have. That’s

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Teacher Removed, Reported to Authorities After Making Students Clean ‘Untidy’ Bathroom

A Florida teacher has been reportedly removed from a classroom after asking students to clean a “very untidy” bathroom at school.

The Celebration K-8 school teacher in Osceola County, Florida, was reported to the sheriff’s office, which is currently investigating the allegation, according to WFTV 9.

The school’s principal, Rhonda McMahon, explained in a letter sent to parents that a group of third-graders left the restroom messy and were made to clean it as a form of punishment.

“Please be assured I take the allegation very seriously,” McMahon said, according to WFTV 9.

McMahon also said that incident has

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Auburn Citizen.Auburn and Cayuga County's most affordable starter homes.Solvay Electric!! This house has new floors in den and living room, bonus room with fireplace, eat-in kitchen, 1 bedroom down and 3 upstairs,….5 hours ago

Auburn Citizen.Auburn and Cayuga County’s most affordable starter homes.Solvay Electric!! This house has new floors in den and living room, bonus
room with fireplace, eat-in kitchen, 1 bedroom down and 3 upstairs,….5 hours ago… Read More

Kathy Kuo, the Interior Design Powerhouse Who’s All About the Career Pivot

What’s a bit of career advice you’d give someone in need?

Just take the first step. If I knew everything that I knew today about being an entrepreneur, I would have been too scared to venture out on my own. Oftentimes we overanalyze, overthink, and try to predict every potential and possible outcome as a means to control the situation, but then it paralyzes you; you’re already fearful of impending failure before you’ve started. Business, life, and careers will unexpectedly change, and you will need to pivot, adapt, and quickly learn about what you have control over and what is

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How to Get Your Kitchen Organized for Thanksgiving Hosting

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a time-consuming and messy endeavor, whether the feast is for 6 people or 16. An organized kitchen, however, can go a long way to serve you better during big cooking days and make the process more streamlined and manageable.

“The kitchen is a place where you store all your cookware, utensils, gadgets, and food, and with so many items, it’s easy for it to become cluttered to the point where it’s no longer functional,” says Mark Feldman, the chief home officer at Riverbend Home.

But worry not, we tapped Feldman, along with Ryan Eiesland and 

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GOP congressman ends floor speech with ‘Let’s go, Brandon’

A Republican congressman ended a floor speech on Thursday by saying, “Let’s go, Brandon!” — elevating a clean version of a popular anti-Biden chant.

Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., took to the House floor on Thursday and blasted President Biden’s Build Back Better economic agenda as being unable to “pass a straight-face test.”

“Based on the false promise that he would unify America, President Biden got into the Oval Office,” the congressman said. “And my friends on the other side of the aisle gained a razor-thin majority in the House and Senate.”


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Architecture Students Awarded Inaugural Gensler Rising Black Designers Scholarships

Krystol Austin and Coumba Kanté (right) were named winners of the inaugural Rising Black Designers Scholarship and Design Challenge.

Two School of Architecture students have received a prestigious national scholarship for young Black designers by Gensler, one of the world’s largest design and architecture firms.

Krystol Austin G’22 (M.Arch.) and Coumba Kanté ’22 (B.Arch.) were named two of the 15 winners of the inaugural Rising Black Designers Scholarship and Design Challenge. Shiori Green ’22 (B.Arch.) was also selected as one of the finalists in the competition.

This new scholarship works to break down the barriers of entering the architectural

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How to upgrade your bathroom for less than $1,000

“If you have a glass shower door, and it’s got the old-fashioned track, and the door is kind of crusty from water deposits or just old age, I would just take that out and put in a new custom shower curtain that goes from the floor to the ceiling,” Jennison says. “That would dramatically open up your space, because having a shower door that is opaque and that you can’t see through just makes your bathroom look really small.” You can remove a shower door and track yourself with a screwdriver, putty knife, scouring pad and a few hours of

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Everything You Need to Know, Best Buys, and More

You spend around a third of your life in bed. Sleep is one of life’s necessities, and a good night’s rest is essential for optimal physical and mental health.

However, an estimated 10 to 30 percent of adults experience sleep problems such as insomnia. One of the most critical factors in how well you sleep is your mattress. A comfortable, supportive bed can make the difference between fragmented, troubled sleep and restful, restorative slumber.

If you’re not sleeping as well as you’d like, it may be time to buy a new mattress. Most people should think about purchasing a new

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Surge Advertising Launches Deqorama For Interior Design Solutions in Singapore

The global market for interior design and home improvement has undoubtedly grown over the years, with homeowners seeking solutions to make every space beautiful without having to sacrifice its functionality. The case is not particularly different in Singapore, with many interior designer brands emerging to meet the needs of homeowners. Unfortunately, getting the best hands for the job can be a bit difficult, considering the number of service providers available. However, the team at Surge Advertising is looking to change this narrative with the launch of Deqorama.

Deqorama was launched by Directors Powen Choo and Jiale Seah,

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