Uncovering the Bathroom Secrets of the Ancient Romans

From feature films to television shows to documentaries of any length, audiences are — by and large — fascinated by journeys into the past. That, in turn, can lead to speculation of what it might have been like to live in another time and place. What would the experience of walking the streets of ancient Rome be like? You could try some of the era’s equivalent of fast food, take in a show at the local amphitheater and retire to your home. But there’s a part of living in the past that doesn’t get nearly as much coverage — probably

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Public Bathroom Access at Heart of Dispute Over New Inwood Park Facility

The Row New York boathouse planned for Sherman Creek Park will have bathrooms in its locker rooms, available only to the individuals participating in the organization’s programming.

An aerial view of Sherman Creek Park and the waterfront.

The city’s Public Design Commission voted Monday to approve the construction of a boathouse in Inwood’s Sherman Creek Park. Local political representatives backed the project, but some community members opposed it—namely over bathrooms at the facility, which critics want accessible to the public. 

The new building, run by the nonprofit Row New York, will replace the organization’s current Peter J. Sharp Boathouse on

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I tried this TikTok bathroom cleaning hack and it actually works

TikTok seems to be the go-to place for quick and easy cleaning hacks. Some are genius ideas while others, not so much. But one thing’s for sure, bathroom cleaning hacks are gaining momentum, with many wanting to get their tubs and faucets sparkling clean without elbow grease.

If you’re spending way too much money on bathroom cleaning products that are not doing the job, this TikTok hack may well be your answer. It doesn’t use bleach either! Although, if you do use bleach to clean don’t make this mistake. 

The TikTok video in question posted by Carolina McCauley shows us

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Why It’s Okay To Write on Your Bathroom Mirror

As you decorate for the holidays, consider writing on your bathroom mirror this season. 

With a dry erase marker. 

Not a permanent one, of course. 

That’s the sound advice from the talented mindfulness-teaching mother-daughter duo Barb Schmidt and Michelle Maros of Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life. Their inspirational messages have spread like wildfire across America over the past few years and rightfully so.

“We need the reminders,” says Schmidt, a longtime resident and supporter of Boca Raton. “I encourage you to take a dry erase marker and write on your bathroom mirror. I have done that for Michelle her entire

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5 Surprising Reasons Your Bathroom Always Ends Up a Mess

It’s as inevitable as the coming of winter: Despite our best intentions toward organization and cleanliness, most of us wind up with bathrooms that embody chaos—a riot of hair products, creams and lotions, magazines, and cleaning supplies everywhere you look.

But why? Organizing the loo should be a no-brainer since most of us have drawers and (maybe) a linen closet to hold all of our stuff.

And yet, this room contains myriad organizing hot spots, even for the experts who should know better.

Here’s what can go wrong, organizationally—and how to fix each fast.

1. A pile of hotel freebies

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Small bathroom ideas on a budget – 10 ways to create a beautiful bijou bathroom

Small bathrooms are the ideal place to have a little fun with decor, and you certainly don’t need to stretch a small budget to make a big impact; in fact, small bathroom ideas on a budget can have a profound effect at elevating the space.

Katie Lion, Interior Designer at Kitesgrove, says: ‘Retaining and refurbishing your existing materials, and adding low-cost but effective complementary details such as a tiled splashback is a great way to renovate your small bathroom on a budget.

‘Another idea could be to change the fixtures in your small bathroom: details such as light fixtures

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Quick Tips for Reducing Risk of Viral Infection in Public Bathrooms

Key Takeaways

  • Toilet flushing can potentially transport bacteria and viruses through airborne particles.
  • There’s no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through toilet flushing, but diseases can spread through the fecal-oral route.
  • Researchers said maintaining hand hygiene is the best way to protect yourself from bathroom pathogens.

Most people don’t close the toilet lid before they flush, especially in a public restroom.

A new study found that the power of toilet flush can transport potentially infectious bacteria and viruses through airborne particles. But it’s unlikely someone will walk away from the bathroom with an active infection.

Researchers in Australia analyzed

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How the Ancient Romans Went to the Bathroom | History

The Roman elite viewed public toilets as an instrument that flushed the filth of the plebes out of their noble sight.
Photo illustration by Meilan Solly / Photos via Getty Images and Museo Nazionale Romano di Palazzo Massimo

“I live my life in the gutter,” says Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow with a chuckle.

An anthropologist at Brandeis University, she considers her “official” title the Queen of Latrines. For the past 25 years, she has taken that label literally, spending much of her time in ancient Roman gutters.

“There’s a lot you can find out about a culture when you look

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Boy, 15, Attacked Inside Bathroom At Joliet West, 1 Arrested

JOLIET, IL — A 15-year-old boy was arrested by Thursday afternoon inside the Joliet West High School building after Joliet police say he beat up another 15-year-old boy inside one of the high school bathrooms.

The 15-year-old boy who was the aggressor was arrested and delivered to the River Valley Juvenile Justice Center on charges of aggravated battery.

According to Joliet police, the high school liaison officer was notified of a fight that just happened in a bathroom around 2:30 p.m.

“Further investigation determined that the 15-year-old male approached the victim, 15, and repeatedly punched him about the head and

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Small bathroom design and organization ideas from the experts

Whether you’re moving into a new place or redecorating your current space, it can be easy to get caught up in larger areas like the living room, bedrooms or the kitchen. One room that can be easy to bypass? The bathroom, even more so if you have a small bathroom! The less space you have to work with, the more tempting it can be to leave it as is.

However, if you really want to make a space your own, the bathroom is a great place to flex your unique style. Don’t know where to begin? Shop TODAY spoke to

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