These Prospect Heights Homes Have At Least 5 Bathrooms Each

PROSPECT HEIGHTS, BROOKLYN — A close second in city luxuries to bedroom space, finding a home with enough bathrooms to go around can be a rarity in New York City.

This week Patch took a look at homes that have a near unheard of number of bathrooms. Among the four in Prospect Heights with five or more bathrooms is this Pacific Street spot, which has a full bathroom for each of its six bedrooms.

Check out the details here:

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Interior design store Right Next Door Designs celebrates new expansion and programs

Owner and founder Michelle Harper opened Right Next Door Designs at its current location in 2019. (Andrew Christman/Community Impact Newspaper)

Michelle Harper, owner and founder of Right Next Door Designs, has recently been adding to her store and its offerings.

Since February, Harper said she has expanded the store from 1,750 square feet to around 3,800 square feet, launched a YouTube channel for discussions about design, and started offering classes on topics such as charcuterie boards and wreath making. The company has also grown to employ eight people since it opened in October 2019.

“We are just really growing and

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Eating Prego & Pasta Off Your Kitchen Counter Is Good

It is key to keep your counter clean, but that’s something you should be doing anyway! As the Food Network reminds us about sanitary counter-cooking conditions: Do not defrost meat on your countertop, remember to disinfect surfaces with a spray or wipes, and, of course, wash your hands. If you do all that, then nowhere (nowhere!) does it say not to serve already-cooked meatballs off said counter. In fact, certain countertop materials can even help prevent food poisoning and other foodborne illnesses, including formica laminate, quartz, and recycled glass. The biggest risk with Lisa’s strategy is the higher likelihood of
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Liz Cheney removed from House GOP leadership

Representative Liz Cheney was removed Wednesday from her leadership position among House Republicans. She was ousted as conference chair in a voice vote by House GOP members shortly after their closed-door meeting came to order, and the meeting was adjourned within 20 minutes.  

After the vote, Cheney told reporters that she “will do everything I can to make sure the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.” She faced the ouster from her leadership post for openly criticizing Mr. Trump.

“We have seen the danger that he continues to provoke with his language,” Cheney said about the

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EFFEKT to present ‘naturbyen’ nature village at venice biennale 2021


‘nature is so crucial to our well-being as humans — but indeed also to the well-being of our planet,’ continues sinus lynge, partner at EFFEKT. ‘with cities rapidly expanding we must find a way to make more space for nature, while also securing more homes for our growing population. by combing the latest forestry research with an urban planning strategy for suburban areas that focus on sharing outdoor areas and optimizing infrastructure, we can live with the same density but make room for more ‘nature’. who does not want a forest right outside your doorstep?’.



the project prioritizes natural materials

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St. Louis Firefighters Save Woman from Bathroom in House Fire

St. Louis firefighters rescued a woman who was trapped inside a bathroom in a burning house early Friday.

Crews responded to the house fire at about 2 a.m., KMOV-TV reports. The woman was receiving lifesaving instructions from dispatchers when firefighters reached the scene.

“From the firefighter who was involved in the rescue, he indicated he could hear her screaming for help,” Capt. Garon Mosby said. “The call taker was on the phone. This was communicated. He was able to get her from the restroom, rescued her, got her out the same window that he came into.”

The woman was

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Furnishing Your Child’s Room for Maximum Academic Success

How much influence, really, could a child’s bedroom furnishings have on their academic success? You might be surprised at the answer to this question. It’s more than you might think. Of course, when it comes to high academic achievement, there is no substitute for actively putting in the time it takes to study and learn; and we’re not suggesting otherwise. But if your child can gain some subtle advantages from you simply tweaking the décor a bit, why not try it? We make all the following decorating suggestions based on solid scientific research:

Photo, Annie Spratt.

Choose a Bed, Mattress

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Class of 2021 Outcomes: Samantha Spurr Starts an Interior Design Career | High Point University

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With another Commencement behind us, High Point University graduates will be commencing prestigious career paths around the world at Fortune 500 companies, international service programs, public school systems, top-tier law, medical and graduate school programs, and many other esteemed organizations thanks to their journey at HPU. Here’s a glimpse of one extraordinary senior from the Class of 2021:

Name: Samantha Spurr

Hometown: Warren, New Jersey

Major: Interior Design

Post-graduation plans: Spurr joins Interior Motives Inc. as an interior designer where she will be working with the successful commercial and residential firm that she

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Chrissy Teigen Shared A Photo Of Her New Kitchen And It Looks Like A True Dream

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger working her way around the kitchen, and if the recipes in her Cravings cookbooks are anything to go by, it’s clear she knows her way around it pretty well. Though we’re still anticipating an update on her new restaurant/market space that she’s planning to open in Beverly Hills, the cook and former model has been keeping busy by remodeling her own kitchen space. And from the looks if it, it’s exactly the type of kitchen you’d want to spend all of your time in.

Taking to her Instagram account on Monday, Chrissy shared a photo

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House Republicans oust Cheney from leadership as she vows to stop Trump

After the GOP Conference meeting, Cheney spoke to reporters and repeated that she is committed to advancing the Republican Party — but not the agenda of the former president.

“I am absolutely committed as I said last night, as I said just now to my colleagues, that we must go forward based on truth. We cannot both embrace the big lie and embrace the Constitution,” she said. “The nation needs a strong Republican Party, the nation needs a party that that is based upon fundamental principles of conservatism, and I am committed and dedicated to ensuring that that’s how this

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