We were a family of five, Paul and me, and our three children, ages 4, 3 and brand new.

New kids on the block, so to speak, we wanted to introduce ourselves. So, we decided to have a party. We called it a “bring a dish to pass” get together. On the invitations, we stipulated that the invitees were also to bring some graffiti, PG rated, if possible.” Graffiti was the hook.

One of my many loves had always been decorating, and I needed help with the tiny, closet-sized bathroom next to our family room. It had a loo, a

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Racist graffiti found in Crosby High School bathroom, district now investigating

Crosby ISD is investigating a case that has concerned students and parents at Crosby High School.

The district sent out a letter to parents informing them about “derogatory racial remarks” written on Crosby High School bathroom tiles.

Now, the district is asking parents to talk with their students and remain vigilant in observing and reporting suspicious behavior.

“It’s disgraceful. Where are people’s values anymore,” said Crosby ISD parent Gail Schmidt.

Winn’s two daughters who go to Crosby High School let him know about harmful and racist messages written on the tiles of a school bathroom. Messages that included phrases like,

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